Dub Turbo Review – Best Beat Making Program

Why I’ve done this Dub Turbo Review is because when you’ve made a google search to find a beat making software, you must have probably realized how difficult it’s to find a really good one. This is the case with most things on the Internet. From the numerous options that you have, only less than a handful can promise good quality and value for your money. Similarly, there are lots of programs online that may help you to make beats online. These can help you to make rap beats and hip hop beats online. But, the problem with most of these is either they’re overpriced or you have to spend a life time learning how to use them. Dub Turbo is a revolutionary program which helps you to make your own beats efficiently.

DubTurbo is a highly user friendly software for creating and mixing beats and music. Whether you are an aspiring DJ, producer, or just a music lover who wants to turn your creative juices into your own musical style, this is the best beat making program for you. The competition in the music scene is pretty intense, so if you want to get ahead at the fraction of the cost, this software is definitely the one you need in creating your own masterpiece. It has many features that are easy to use, and don’t require any technical training. Unlike other beat making software, it’s the most affordable one out there. Also, users don’t have to be professional or musical experts in order to make awesome beats and mixes. The easy-to-use features and user friendly interface make the process a fun and enjoyable experience.

DUBturbo includes every tool you might need to produce your sound, including a 16-track sequencer, a 10-pad 16-bit drum machine, a 4-octave 16-bit keyboard and thousands of pro sounds plus some outstanding bonus kits. These free bonus kits include 4 premium sample packs (retail $449), scene and mood settings which come royalty-free (retail $199), royalty-free instrumentals (retail $249) and the training videos (retail $849). The editing capabilities are extremely easy to use and can speed up the time from getting an idea to producing a finished track. DUBturbo does not produce basic MP3 tracks. You crank out WAV 44.1Khz 16-bit stereo sound for export. You get premium software updates when the company updates the kit.

DubTurbo is 75% off right now and costs only $29.95, without additional charges for shipping and handling. so what are you waiting for?

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Here’s an Overview of Some of The Main Features of DUBturbo:

  • 16 Tracks sequencer
  • Ability to draw in sounds or trigger sounds with the qwerty keyboard
  • Drag & copy your parts around
  • 1000′s of cool sounds and drums resident in DUBturbo
  • Additional sample libraries available for a modest fee
  • Options to record live to the metronome or draw in your beats
  • Export to 44.1 Pro quality.wav files
  • 40+ kits, with the ability to import your own samples
  • Edit the volume of each drum pad to get your drums perfectly balanced
  • Stereo imaging on all drums for a gigantic sound
  • 4 full octave keyboard in contrast to the 1 or 2 others give you
  • Draw In melodies or play/record With the keyboard!
  • Move sounds or erase them with the click of a mouse
  • 1000′s of cool sounds – All MASTERED & Stereo Imaged
  • Auto Quantize

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dubturbo review

The Advantages of Choosing DubTurbo to Make Your Own Beats

1) Easy to Use – What I love about this software is that it is real simple to figure out, meaning that me being a beginner in making beats, I didn’t need to spend 1 year reading through manuals and mastering every single button on some big huge piece of equipment that would not fit in my house anyways. I was able to load it onto my Computer and start making sick beats in about 20 minutes.

2) Inexpensive – So, when I was looking for rap beat making programs, I knew I didn’t have $1000′s of dollars to invest. I had to find something that fit my budget, and was easy to use. I’m just an average working person that has a passion for making my own beats. I would like to be able to say that I will make it big one day and make millions, but I’m nowhere close to that yet. There are few to no rap beat making programs that can compete with the price of DubTurbo.

3) Quality Sounds – I understand when I wanted to find a program to make beats with I didn’t wanna get a program that made beats that were only fit for a cell phone. You know, the cell phone rings that come preloaded on your phone when you first get it? The rings that we all change when we first get the phone. Yeah I d rather not use a crappy program like that. DubTurbo makes it to where I can export my beats after I create them to 44.1 studio quality sounds. That just means it’s what the industry standard is.

4) All Beats are Customizable – Depending on the day or mood, I get to mix just about any type of beat that I want. I’m not kept to producing just one particular type of beat. If you are creative, you can take one of your favorite rappers (like I do) and remix their sound. Most rap beat making programs aren’t like that, from my experience. Such as, if I wanted to import a beat that has been in my head, and remake it, I can do that. DubTurbo has drum kits, a sequencer, and a full functioning keyboard. Most rap beat making programs do not have this type of diversity.

It’s a good value for your money, right? But there’s more to that! It’s packed with lots of features and the customer support is reliable. The video tutorials will teach you everything about SP and will also give you the tips and hints you need to make awesome music tones.

You can easilly access their dedicated email support whenever necessary. Full support is accessible. Generally all questions will be answered within 24 hours. This will remove first time jitters and stress factors out of your creative cycle and let you create new music minus the pressure!

Download DubTurbo

Dub Turbo Customer Support

Dub Turbo has a reliable customer support department that you contact through email to following address:

They usually respond within 24 hours, depending on the volume of support tickets coming in. As a test I sent them a couple quick questions and they actually responded within 2 hours which was quite surprising.

Dub Turbo Return Policy

The company is really open with their return policy, making no effort to keep the details a secret. You will notice at the bottom of the check out screen their 60 day money back guarantee. It’s nice to see a company displaying their money back guarantee so proudly instead of keeping it a mystery. Usually it’s a red flag with most online products when they keep return information in small print on the very bottom of the page.

So if you aren’t satisfied with Dub Turbo than don’t hesitate to following the easy return instructions. Since Dub Turbo is ran through the Clickbank marketplace all you have to do is visit clickbank.com and file for a return. Clickbank is a highly reputable product network that allows for very easy returns and most people that purchase digital products don’t even know about this. So if you are unhappy with a digital product you purchase online, chances are it was through Clickbank and you can get a full refund.

Dubturbo Review – Conclusion…

Although DubTurbo is relatively new in the beat making industry, it has received a lot of positive reviews already. If you’re beginner interested in music and looking for a low cost yet effective piece of software, look no further and buy DubTurbo. If you’re a seasoned veteran, please consider this as an extra tool under your belt! I am sure you’ll be pleased to have it.
Remember to persist and you will be making your very own beats soon. Thank you very much for reading, DubTurbo Download Below…

dubturbo download

I hope you found this DubTurbo Review helpful. If you have any questions, just leave a comment or drop me an e-mail! I will try get back to you as soon as I can!

<UPDATED: February 19, 2011>

10 Responses to Dub Turbo Review – Best Beat Making Program

  1. Johnny says:

    How do I use dub turbo to make rap songs? I write rap songs. I have since fifth grade. I have recently bought a beat making software called “dub turbo” I have no idea how to use it and I try to watch the tutorials but they dont work for me. I want to start the song off slow but I think you cant do that. Can you start the beat off slow and then turn it into a fast beat or does the beat have to be the same throughout the whole song?

    • admin says:

      Hello Johnny,

      Dub turbo is a leading edge music sequencer. It features music production tutorials as well as as how to use the software application itself. All these are available online in the “members area” including sounds, software and the system of video lessons and documentation.

      You could also pose further queries directly to the support in the members area by sending them an email. I believe they will be glad to help you out right away.


  2. John says:

    Hi all, Is the beat maker dub turbo a scam? I do not know if it’s, i think it’s real it appears legit and i also have done some research and many people appear to belive its not a scam, i just want to be sure.


    • admin says:

      Hello John,
      Thanks for stopping by. That question depends on everything you have read over the internet. Dub turbo is a great method to learn to use a music sequencer and set up tracks. It won’t allow you to a instant Dr. Dre but it could put you on your way. I own and use dub turbo and I believe it is is worth the minimal investment.

  3. Casey says:


    I am interested in purchasing this software but I have several questions:::

    I see the bundle package brings:

    Here’s Another Look At What You Get:
    DUBturbo 1.5 Software – Download on the next page $199.99- $29.95!
    4 Premium Sample Packs – Amazing premium! $449 – FREE
    Movie & Mood Royalty Free – Scene/mood $199 – FREE
    DT Instrumentals – Royalty Free beats for general use $249 – FREE
    Training Videos – How to produce HITS in minutes – FREE
    —- Premium Updates When We Update Our Kit
    —- Full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy

    Question #1:

    What are the “4 Premium Sample Packs”?

    Question #2:

    What are the “Movie & Mood Royalty Free”?

    Question #3:

    What are “DT Instrumentals”?

    Question # 4

    Does the software included any FREE Sounds Kits which includes any Voz Chant and if so What are they?

    Question #5

    When purchase and ready for download can it be saved or immediately installed?

    Please let me know as soon as possible…

    Thanks…Awaiting for reply…

  4. Casey says:

    Oh Sorry another question…

    Is there a demo or trial version available before purchasing this software…????


    • admin says:

      Dubturbo don’t provide trial version. Casey, you need to sign up to get membership of dub turbo. so if you want to get a genuine copy Dubturbo then you’ll have to buy it for only $29.

  5. Maxwellfailing says:

    I have a question, I don’t have internet so I would have to bring my computer to a friends house to install it, after I install it can go offline and use it???

  6. jack says:

    ima get this but i hope its not like sonic producer im a rapper i need a verse , intro , etc , got sonic pro and it was just part of a beat looped and i cant afford fl studio so i hope u got what i need or else ima be dissapointed